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[NEW] ROBLOX The Survival Game Script GUI | Dup...

Warning: You should use any script, hack or exploit with the utmost care. Check that it has been updated after the last update of the game, otherwise the developers may detect it and ban you. Of course, do not abuse and try not to let the rest of the players on your server know

[NEW] ROBLOX The Survival Game Script GUI | Dup...


From here, though, you can expand upon this game and skills in a lot of ways. For this project, you could strive to add new mechanics such as health packs, ammo packs, different weapons, etc. Or, if you want to try your hand at something, you can try making a first-person survival game. The sky is the limit with the systems set up here and they can easily be used for other games and genres!

Love scripts in Roblox? You'll love Script Fighting Ultimate, a game that lets you choose from a range of hilarious scripts to beat other players with! Rule the roost as a giant floating head, or wobble your way to victory as Cleetus. This game is all about having as much fun as possible - and these codes will help you get a head start working toward even more fun scripts to use.

The game is pretty straightforward - you choose from a list of Scripts (essentially things that transform your Roblox character into something else) and then go and fight other players with whatever weird character the script has dreamed up for you. Our favorite is probably Cleetus.

Hi, I'm having a ton of trouble with this script. I want to make a GUI like those GUIs in survival games where it pops up an has all of the names of the players who survived the round. I need my GUI to show the names of all of the players in a team called "Survivors". I have a script (below) but it doesn't work and I'm fairly sure that it is REALLY REALLY wrong so I could really use some help. This script is a regular script inside a text label that is inside of a frame inside the GUI. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help, if you have any questions please comment them below and I'll try to answer them ASAP. 041b061a72


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