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Babiloni Panda Var MP3 - Listen Online or Download Now

Babiloni Panda Var MP3: A Viral Hit from Georgia

If you are looking for a new and exciting song to add to your playlist, you might want to check out Babiloni Panda Var MP3. This is a viral hit from Georgia that has taken the internet by storm. But what is this song about, and who is the artist behind it? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

babiloni panda var mp3

What is Babiloni Panda Var MP3?

Babiloni Panda Var MP3 is a song by Georgian rapper and singer Babiloni. The title of the song translates to "I am a panda" in English. The song was released in 2021 and has since gained millions of views on YouTube and SoundCloud, as well as thousands of streams on Shazam.

The meaning of the song

The song is a humorous and playful expression of Babiloni's identity and personality. He compares himself to a panda, a cute and cuddly animal that is also fierce and strong. He raps about his love for music, his lifestyle, his friends, and his dreams. He also makes references to popular culture, such as the movie Kung Fu Panda, the rapper Desiigner, and the fashion brand Gucci.

The popularity of the song

The song has become a viral sensation because of its catchy tune, witty lyrics, and colorful video. Many people have shared the song on social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Some have even created their own versions or remixes of the song. The song has also attracted the attention of some celebrities, such as American rapper Snoop Dogg, who posted a video of himself dancing to the song on his Instagram account.

Who is Babiloni?

Babiloni is a Georgian rapper and singer who has been making music since 2010. He is also known as Luka Jintcharadze, or simply Luka. He is the founder and owner of BabiloniStudio, a music production company based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

[BABILONI - პანდა ვარ / PANDA VAR - YouTube](^1^)

[BABILONI - ანდა არ / PANDA VAR - SoundCloud](^2^)

[Panda Var - BABILONI Shazam](^3^)

The background of the artist

Babiloni was born in 1994 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He grew up in a musical family, as his father was a singer and his mother was a pianist. He started writing songs when he was 12 years old, inspired by artists such as Eminem, Tupac, and 50 Cent. He studied at the Tbilisi State Conservatory, where he learned classical music theory and piano. He also learned how to play guitar, drums, saxophone, and harmonica.

The style and genre of the music

Babiloni's music is a fusion of rap, hip hop, pop, rock, and folk. He sings and raps in both Georgian and English languages. He often incorporates elements of Georgian culture and history into his songs, such as traditional instruments, melodies, and stories. He also experiments with different sounds and effects, such as auto-tune, distortion, and sampling.

How to download Babiloni Panda Var MP3?

If you want to download Babiloni Panda Var MP3 to your device, you have several options to choose from.

The official sources

The best way to download Babiloni Panda Var MP3 is to use the official sources provided by the artist. You can find the links to these sources on Babiloni's YouTube channel, SoundCloud page, or Instagram account[^ 4^]. These sources will allow you to download the song in high quality and support the artist financially.

The alternative sources

If you cannot access the official sources, or you prefer to use a different platform, you can also download Babiloni Panda Var MP3 from some alternative sources. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of these sources, as they may not have the permission or license to distribute the song. Some of the alternative sources you can try are:

  • : This is a free online MP3 downloader that allows you to search and download songs from various sources, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. You can enter the name of the song or the URL of the video or audio file, and then choose the format and quality you want.

  • : This is a free online YouTube to MP3 converter that allows you to download any YouTube video as an MP3 file. You can paste the URL of the video, and then click on the convert button. You can also choose the quality of the MP3 file, from 64 kbps to 320 kbps.

  • : This is a free online MP3 search engine that allows you to find and download songs from various sources, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and 4shared. You can enter the name of the song or the artist, and then browse through the results. You can also preview the song before downloading it.

Why you should listen to Babiloni Panda Var MP3?

Babiloni Panda Var MP3 is not just a catchy song, but also a meaningful and enjoyable one. Here are some reasons why you should listen to it:

The catchy melody and lyrics

The song has a simple but catchy melody that will make you want to sing along. The lyrics are also fun and clever, with rhymes, puns, and metaphors. The chorus is especially memorable, with Babiloni repeating "Panda var" (I am a panda) in different languages, such as English, Spanish, French, and Russian.

The cultural and social relevance

The song is also a reflection of Babiloni's cultural and social background. He showcases his Georgian identity and heritage by using Georgian words, phrases, and references in his song. He also addresses some of the issues and challenges that he faces as a young artist in Georgia, such as censorship, corruption, and poverty. He expresses his hope and optimism for a better future for himself and his country.


Babiloni Panda Var MP3 is a viral hit from Georgia that has captivated millions of listeners around the world. It is a song that combines humor and creativity with culture and social commentary. It is a song that celebrates Babiloni's unique personality and talent. If you are looking for a new and exciting song to spice up your playlist, you should definitely give Babiloni Panda Var MP3 a try.


  • Q: Where can I watch the video of Babiloni Panda Var MP3?

  • A: You can watch the video of Babiloni Panda Var MP3 on Babiloni's YouTube channel. The video features Babiloni dressed as a panda, dancing and rapping in various locations in Tbilisi.

  • Q: What are some other songs by Babiloni?

  • A: Some other songs by Babiloni are "Chemi Guli", "Mama", "Tbilisi", "Gamarjoba", and "Sakartvelo". You can find them on his YouTube channel, SoundCloud page, or Instagram account.

  • Q: How can I follow Babiloni on social media?

  • A: You can follow Babiloni on his Instagram account, where he posts updates about his music, videos, and life. You can also follow him on his Facebook page, where he shares news and events related to his music career.

  • Q: How can I support Babiloni as an artist?

  • A: You can support Babiloni as an artist by downloading his songs from the official sources , streaming his songs on Shazam, liking and sharing his videos on YouTube, following him on social media , and leaving positive comments and feedback on his posts. You can also support him by buying his merchandise, such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and stickers, from his online store.

  • Q: How can I learn more about Georgian music and culture?

  • A: You can learn more about Georgian music and culture by exploring some of the online resources available, such as:

  • : This is a website that provides information and news about Georgian music, artists, genres, festivals, and events. You can also listen to Georgian radio stations and podcasts, watch Georgian music videos and documentaries, and discover new Georgian songs and albums.

  • : This is a website that provides information and articles about Georgian culture, history, language, literature, art, cuisine, traditions, and customs. You can also find useful tips and guides for traveling to Georgia, as well as links to other Georgian websites and blogs.

  • : This is a website that provides online courses and lessons for learning Georgian language. You can also find dictionaries, grammar books, vocabulary lists, audio files, and quizzes to help you practice your Georgian skills.


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