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How to Implement Green IT Strategies and Applications with Environmental Intelligence: A PDF Guide

This book is equipped with case studies from different industrial sectors, including hospital (service), packaging (product), and telecom (infrastructure). It provides a complete suite of strategies, applications, tools, and techniques that will enable you to establish company-wide environmental strategies, a green value system, and the forward thinking required to properly position your organization for the low-carbon economy on the horizon.

Oracle Cloud further reduces its environmental footprint by leveraging state-of-the-art cooling and energy efficiency technologies at our green data centers. For example, in Europe, Oracle Cloud data centers are powered using 100% renewable energy. Our goal is to achieve 100% renewable energy use in all our OCI data centers by 2025.

green it strategies and applications using environmental intelligence pdf download

Customers are leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and blockchain to reduce their overall environmental impact and achieve sustainability goals. From ensuring ethical supply chains in cobalt mining for electric vehicle batteries to using machine learning (ML) to realize larger crop yields, advanced technologies help customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Green and environmentally transport planning is a current challenge for public and private organizations. There is a demand for implementing innovative and advanced transport solutions to reduce environmental and social impacts within operations. In this context, current trends are calling for the incorporation of novel strategies and approaches in transport systems for reducing energy usage as well as waste and pollution generation. The consideration of that goal and the connection to this green dimension leads to the need of developing and reviewing current models and methods in the light of modern transport solutions and technologies (e.g., energy reuse, alternative fuels, hybrid and green-energy based vehicles, collaborative planning, autonomous vehicles and truck platooning).

environmental sustainability and green IT pdf

green IT fundamentals: business, IT, and the environment ebook

green IT strategies and applications: using environmental intelligence by bhuvan unhelkar

green business process management: modeling, optimization, and collaboration pdf

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green information systems: design and development models pdf

green IT compliance: protocols, standards, and audits ebook

green IT case studies: applying environmental strategies to different industries pdf

emergent carbon issues: technologies and future ebook

sociocultural aspects of green IT pdf

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application of iso/iec 33000 to green it: a case study ebook

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nuclear fusion experiment from South Korea: implications for green it ebook (not closely related but relevant)

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The aim of this Special Issue is to highlight the current progress of artificial intelligence approaches for designing, developing, and promoting green and sustainable transportation systems through optimization, intelligent use of data, and advanced decision support. This Issue will aim to provide a platform of research exploring and dealing with transportation problems within the interplay between transportation planning, design, and operations. Submissions should incorporate advanced transport technologies and artificial intelligence techniques that support and enhance transport planning, promote green development, and mitigate negative environmental impacts.


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