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Buy Flokati Rug

Please note that the 240x340cm rug is made from 2 pieces sewn together. As with all hand-crafted carpets, the edges of the flokatis are never exactly straight.To avoid disappointment, please note that these rugs are lovely and as soft as sheep but not as soft as sheepskin rugs which are treated with strong chemicals to soften the wool.

buy flokati rug

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Every rug made of wool cannot claim to be a flokati. For an area rug to be a flokati has to have the unique elements usually based on the Greek guidelines. Unless the carpet satisfies the below two rug manufacturing processes, it cannot be a flokati carpet. The two qualities can determine an authentic piece if:

Flokati wool rugs have stood the test of time. Widely used by the Greeks in the Pindos mountain region, greek flokati area rugs were handwoven using pure lambswool. The ancient patterns used centuries ago are still popular today.

However, ideally, flokati wool carpet should be made of 100% pure wool yarn. Yet, different countries have different ways of producing it using various materials available with them or just to make it affordable for everyone.

These carpets are generally washed thoroughly with high-pressure water. Pressure washing helps to remove all unnecessary elements from the rug.Did you know, in earlier days, these rugs got washed under the waterfalls.Yes, the rug was carefully placed under a waterfall for about two days to cleanse it and to make the pile fluffier. Doing so lets out the real features of a real fluffy flokati.

Although the manufacturing of flokati wool rugs are with 100% New Zealand wool yarn, yet some countries use different available fiber with them. Different fibers in greek flokati wool area rugs make these beautiful rugs affordable for every class of people. 041b061a72


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