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Twrp Recovery Skachat Na Kompiuter

Now you need to grab the TWRP image file for the device you want to install the custom recovery onto. Grab your TWRP image from the link below and save it to the "Download" folder on both devices. Also, rename the file to "twrp" to make things easier for later on in the guide.

twrp recovery skachat na kompiuter

I get a connection with the tool but after a few seconds it turns red and says sahara communication failed waiting for device. I have tried several times and still keep getting the same response i have the drivers installed and the phone is off as I can not get any response from the device at all it was working fine and i went to boot to twrp recovery to flash the gapps once i had inatalled lineage and rooted with magesik and it hung on the twrp start image for a minute then went black and nothing has happened since idk why it wont respond it was fully functional before that any help with this issue please i just purchased this phone? 041b061a72


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