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Main Azad Hoon Eng Sub 720p Hd

Javed Akhtar once said that Hollywood films are short stories while Hindi films are novels. But the characterizations and scope of Main Azaad hoon are, in some ways, more like the former. Rather than offering reels of epic backstory, Azaad's true origin and life story remain a complete mystery. We learn a little about Subhashni's father - he was a hero, a freedom fighter on the eve of independence - but no friends or relatives of hers are present in the film. By filmi standards, the two principals are unanchored and lonesome (though Azaad has a sidekick who makes a few appearances) - these loners are given their sense of purpose by devoting themselves to a wider community to which neither fully belongs.

Main Azad Hoon Eng Sub 720p Hd


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