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Sinead O Conner Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

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sinead o conner make me a channel of your peace

Any molestation of a child is a tragedy. Still, can you really blame the Catholic church when pedophilia is a mental illness that crosses all demographics? Why aren't you condemning all pedophiles instead of just Catholic priests? That's a blanket generalization that is harmful to other victims of pedophilia. The honest answer is because it's easier to the finger at a group you misunderstand and will put no effort in understanding because their beliefs differ from your own. That's a dangerous road to take, though, so be careful. Thinking that *only* priests are pedophiles will make kids in your own community vulnerable. Wake up and be honest with yourself. It's easier for you to mock religion than to acknowledge that we all have the potential for mental illness, and that someone we know could be the next victim.

Christianity is the ONLY religion you're allowed to make fun of and berate on US media. If you make a hint of criticism toward Judaism, your career is toast. Hmmmmm..... I wonder whyyy.......Honestly you can't disagree with this FACT.

Her performance was dedicated to all who condemn and judge, which is mainly the Christian Religion, in addition the Roman Catholics. The Western culture was created and formed off of the Christian Religion, so of course she will use it to make a statement. We are all children of GOD, regardless what you call HIM, HE will answer, that is what GOD calls love. While we here on earth fighting on whose GOD is better than the next. We need to realize there is a difference, but that is only because GOD is versatile. Majority of the world praise a "god or goddess", and that is where the problem begins. Their "god/goddess" is too small, and so is their faith. When your GOD is big, then you will stop paying attention to the small so-call gods/goddess...such as if Minaj, and the rest of them are selling their souls...just know they are sick and confused...but still GOD's children...and all religion is a path to GOD, every single one of them is part of the big puzzle, pray that you are strong enough to solve it.

Lady GAGA does it all the time........ why is she any different... Her and Nikki suck if you ask me they are devil worshipers on the other hand Catholics are known for some pretty EVIL acts too.. so why all the uproar... people keep saying no one makes fun of muslims..... What exactly is Adam Sandler's new movie doing.... I cant wait until it comes out so all you liars can eat your tounges

Hmm so it's wrong to say bad stuff about Christians, Catholics and Mormons, but it is fine to make fun of the President, repeat rumors even when they have been shown to be lies? I wish I had a $ for every nasty email and cartoon that has been sent to me. If enough of you hate this woman's work don't buy it. If you disagree with the President write your congressman and vote for someone else. That is what our freedom is supposed to be about.

And whats really stupid is instead of channelling your energy to the those who insult Christianity (like minaj) you losers get distracted by islam yet again. im not muslim, but I know if a muslim insults jesus...he is not considered a muslim....something to think about. 350c69d7ab


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